SEO training in chennai

SEO training in chennai

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most sought out service in and nearby Chennai when it comes to Digital Marketing and so every business has to do SEO or requires SEO professionals to carry-out the Strategies. This creates a demand for SEO strategists which remains unfulfilled. ESearch Advisors provide Search Engine Optimization training in Chennai which helps you get familiarized with Strategies that can bring sites for better ranking in the search engines organically.

Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

 Digital marketing course

Digital Marketing is an important and growing method of marketing over a decade worldwide. But in India, it is a recent trend of marketing methodology adopted in major developing cities to promote any brand or service online. Besides, Digital Marketing creates strong brand awareness online. The major approaches include SEO, SMO, PPC, email/SMS marketing, etc. These strategies are widely implemented almost in every business in India.

Especially in and nearby Chennai, the necessity for Digital Marketing has risen over couple of years, giving rise to the need of cognizance on it for any kind of promotions in Digital Media. ESearch Advisors is one of the well-doing Institutes in located in Prime Location in Chennai, provides training on various Digital marketing course in chennai like Diploma in Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC Courses. If you are looking for a competitive training to know Digital Marketing, 

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Now you can submit URL directly in Google’s search results for indexing

Now you can submit URL directly in Google’s search results for indexing

Google is updating its features regularly and it gets quite interesting and exciting each day. One of the best features of Google is making it possible for the content developers to showcase their content on the result page with specifically designed wide array of tools.
A new update added recently makes the content addition even more precise and direct to the Google’s Index. The process is very simple. Search in Google for “submit URL to Google”. A box gets displayed, where you add your URL. That is all! The URL gets submitted to the Google’s index.
Take a look at this:
(Remember to be logged into your google account to perform this easy URL Submission)
The above feature works similar to “submit URL form” tool, but with an advantage that the URL is placed directly in the search results. Submitting does not mean that the page you added will get either ranked or added in the index immediately. Only after a review Google decides to index and show it in the result page. So better get strong with SEO and make your content and webpage optimized for Google to spot your URL and index it right away. For a through guidance on SEO you can reach ESearch Advisors which will introduce you to every key concepts of SEO practically.
7 Reasons To Learn Digital Marketing

7 Reasons To Learn Digital Marketing

Internet connects every people to meet together on social media. Customer feedback is very important and it increases the product trust and product supports. Digital marketing is the easiest way to engage your customers online. Good feedback will attract more liable customers online and increases their sales. Digital Marketing is not only about marketing methods it contains various things including the future focus of marketing and growth of a business.

Every business owners/entrepreneurs must learn Digital Marketing due to the following reasons

  • Digital world needs digital marketing strategy
  • To predict the future things and future technology
  • Attract more customers and more target customers
  • Convert your visitors into customers
  • Increase your Branding promotion and social awareness to generate more leads and more revenue
  • ROI is guaranteed in digital marketing
  • Attract 98% of mobile customers
  • Spy on your competitor and understand their business tricks
  • Increase product/service reputation through Customer feedback

Every students must learn digital marketing to get good career

  • Currently INDIA has 1,70,000 job vacancies in digital marketing.
  • Learning digital marketing can make you an expert in SEO (search engine optimization), SMO (social media optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and many other marketing techniques.
  • Vast SEO jobs are available but the irony is SEO professionals are very limited to fill up the spaces. That is, the Demand chain of digital marketers is high but the supply chain of digital marketers is very less
  • Be your own boss and grab thousands of freelancing projects.

Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Learn about customer thoughts via customer search keywords on search engine. search engine marketing helps to reach the target customer with focus keyword.
Search engine marketing is method of displaying adds on search results page. users will click your ads to buy products/services. Search Engine marketing runs 24/7 without any interrupt. In Traditional marketing business is available only at regular basics ie. from 9 to 5 .
In Digital marketing course, E-Search Advisors make you an expert in all those concepts and we provide internship programs to learn real time tactics.
Attract your customers in facebook, twitter, linked in, Pinterest through social media marketing.

Google Adwords and Keyword Planner

Understand the volume of search keywords on google and attract the customers with content.
DO YOU KNOW? 89% of Google income is from GOOGLE Adwords only.
Google adwords is the best tool and available for free to use. grab the most important keyword with keyword analysis with low competition and high volume of searches.
Create Paid Campaigns in Google adwords and promote bidding to increase large number of search visibility.
Create display advertisements with ad-units and promote display ads. Display adds are much cheaper than search ads.  the CPC (Cost per Click ) is varied.

Build Email List and Increase Conversations

Email list building is one of important concept in Digital Marketing. According to business analysis report, there is 98% of visitors are converted into customers via email promotions.
In Digital marketing course, we teach various email list building tricks, below i mentioned one cool trick to increase email subscriptions.
Place popup forms to get users name and email address. Create e-books and make them as downloadable after the signup form.
Its Impossible to send email to thousands of people and it requires more human power to send. But there is lot of email campaigns are freely available to send thousands of email within a click.
Good Email news letter and email promotions will increase your product growth by 200%.

Various Roles in Digital Marketing

If you are expert in Digital Marketing means you will know all those tactics in SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Web design, Web Development, PPC analyst/expert, Content writer, Email Marketer and Analytics Expert.

The salary details are listed below

Be Your Own Boss and Don’t Depend on Others

Digital marketer knows everything from scratch. If You are well expert in digital marketing methods you can grab thousands of freelancer projects and freelancer jobs.
Most of Digital marketers and web developers earns huge amount of money as a freelancer. So its good idea to earn more money from part time freelancer projects. turn your skills into money with digital marketing methods.
Usual Management course like MBA will not teach about future marketing. MBA courses are only about traditional marketing methods. But in digital marketing you learn everything as digital with real time interactions. The world will fully adopted with Digital by 2020 so, its really good and best time to learn digital marketing.
ESearch Advisors Offers Diploma in Digital Marketing courses. we have expert trainers handling the course on par with international standards. Register with us to upgrade your knowledge digitally and become an expert in Digital technology.
I grew up in a physical world, and I speak English. The next generation is growing up in a digital world, and they speak social  – Angela Ahrendts
View through conversion Window is proposed to shrink in Adwords’ within March end

View through conversion Window is proposed to shrink in Adwords’ within March end

Google’s display network allows advertisers to place display ads or video ads on huge network of sites across the internet. This helps to connect with the customers throughout the digital universe. To view the number of visitors who saw your display ad but had not clicked on it, Google introduced View-Through Conversions.

View through conversions helps to measure the online conversions that happened by just viewing the image/video ad but not clicking on it. This feature has been in AdWords for above four years now, and measures the number of conversions that happened within 30 days after a user saw.
This Monday Google has announced that by the end of March, the 30 day measure of VTC is about to shrink to 1 day, i.e. the AdWords’ default view-through conversion window will reduce from 30 days to one day. Both new and existing conversion actions are likely to get updated to this default conversion window.
Changes are often made on internet platforms based on what best works for the customers. Analysts have lately identified that views are more likely to lead to a purchase within one day, when the ad is projected fresh to the customers. So this feature may enable better measurement and focus on incremental conversions.
Some verticals may need longer time to make conversions after displaying an ad. In such cases advertisers can still be able customize the view-through window setting for each conversion action from Conversions under the Tools tab.
Off-Page SEO 2017: 6 powerful techniques and trends to follow

Off-Page SEO 2017: 6 powerful techniques and trends to follow

Did you know that only 25 percent of SEO is on-page while the other 75 percent is off-page?
In previous post we have discussed about latest On-page SEO factors. This post will focus on Off-page SEO techniques which will be very effective in 2017 and can be implemented to gain high Pagerank position in SERP.

What is Off-Page SEO?

It refers to the optimization actions taken outside the actual website in order to improve its position in search engine result pages. It generates more traffic to your website.

How it is done?

By performing the below:
  • Sharing your websites and blogs on social medias
  • Posting on social bookmarking sites
  • Driving Quality traffic through guest posting
  • Spreading awareness of your sites existence through local listing.
  • Engaging with visual submissions
  • Promoting the site by starting relevant discussion with visitors in the comment section

1. Social Sharing

The best of all off-page SEO technique is social engagement. The content in your webpage may be sufficient and attractive, but what makes your website popular is – people engagement through social media platforms. These social media channels increase the visibility of your websites or blogs among the masses and drives traffic with little effort. Sharing on top social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google etc., promote to build online reputation. This is also known as online reputation management.

2. Bookmarking Submission

Another best platform to promote your website is social bookmarking; only thing to remember is how to use it right without getting spammed. Social bookmarking in popular bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, slashdot, etc., will increase the traffic in your website. If the tags are handled wisely your website can clearly stand out from the crowd.

3. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a powerful way to drive traffic to your website. Your primary focus should be to find a site that is relevant to your industry. A site with content focused on your niche will expose your website to the right audience. And most importantly the site or blog (in which you guest post) owner should have an engaged relationship with a vast community and be active on social media; so when people view your website’s mention in these sites, which they already trust, you automatically earn their credibility.

4. Local Listing

Make your website reachable to the local masses by listing your website in local directories such as Google Local, Maps, Justdial, Yelp, Yahoo Local, Yellow Pages, Hotfrog, etc. This makes your presence visible even to those people who don’t know about your existence and helps search engines to fetch your content easily.

5. Visual Submission

Sharing the pictures and videos of your products in popular photos and video sharing sites are getting widely popular. This attracts the audience to view your products, comment, share and write reviews on the same. There are several image, video and infographic submission sites that help you promote your product and drive traffic.  Note that you optimize whatever you submit and provide proper title, description and reference links. Some of the popular sites are:
  • Image submission sites — Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, tumblr, shutterfly etc.
  • Video submission sites – YouTube, Vimeo, Ustream, vine etc.
  • Infographic submission sites – Visual, Reddit, Submitinfographics etc.

6. Q&A and Forum Submission

Creating online discussion board and participating in topic based discussion connects you with your targeted community. Always make a point to reply to people’s queries as early as possible and keep conversations live by providing suggestions and advice. It is well and good to make use of “Do-Follow Forums”.
Using a solid On-page and Off-page Strategy will help you to achieve a good position and excellent traffic for your website. Make sure you try these amazing Off-page techniques to boost your site SEO.
On-Page SEO 2017: 6 factors that boost your website rank in google search results

On-Page SEO 2017: 6 factors that boost your website rank in google search results

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique which is used to improve visibility of a website by obtaining high Pagerank in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) such as GoogleBingYahoo and others.
There are two techniques in SEO to improve a website rank in SERP.
1. On-Page SEO
2. Off-Page SEO

What is On-Page SEO?

They are factors to improve the efficiency of individual web pages by targeting the keywords. It is a smart way of making the content readable and attracting target audience; usually noted as content optimization.

How it is done?

By giving:
• Proper headings
• Proper keyword placement
• Ensuring content quality
• Paying attention to many other factors such as social sharing, image and video submission etc.

Why to do On-page SEO?

To make the content readable so that readers can easily understand and relate to what they are actually looking for; and to increase the ranking of the website in search results. There are several factors for not getting ranked on the first page of search results, but not paying attention to SEO is the biggest factor.

What to do?

1.Quality Content in website

When we speak of quality content the first thing to do is write a catchy and optimized headline that attracts visitors and improves page clicks. With increased page clicks the ranking of the site increases.
Note that target keyword should appear on the URL and Title. It is best if the target keyword is placed at the beginning of the title; when it is not possible at least add it somewhere in the title. The URL should be as short as possible using dashes to differentiate the strings. Repetition rules of keywords are outdated, so it’s best to keep the content crisp and interesting with just one or two mentions of the keyword in the body of the content. Remember Google has become way smarter now and considers visitors interaction with your content rather than repetitive keyword appearance, to rank your site.

2. Proper Keyword Usage and density

Yes! Keyword mention is necessary but raw repetition of keywords throughout the content doesn’t do magic any more. Keyword density should be around 1.5% of the content. Instead, use words and phrases related to the keyword. For example, if motivational is your target keyword, you can use words like inspirational, thought-provoking, driving factor etc. This helps in several ways like,
• Google’s on-page quality analysis system ticks your content as relevant to the topic
• Connects to the queries searchers are using
• Content has credible, accurate information

3. Proper Internal Linking and no broken links

Adding additional links to irrelevant and poor content cannot move audience any longer. Relevant content with very well linked-to pages strikes the cord today. But make sure your interlinking is relevant and necessary. Again, keyword mention on the URL is essential and usage of symbols, special characters, brackets, commas stop words such as is & are etc. should be avoided in the original URL. The permalink should avoid breakages, and should be short, sweet and have nothing in extra.
Example of a good permalink:

4. Improvising Meta Tags and Descriptions

Relevant Meta tags and description are extremely important to influence the click-through rate. It should be short, attractive and advertise the content to the searchers so that viewer’s get an impression that the page contains enough information they are looking for in that topic. Intelligent usage of target keywords on the Meta Tags with a captivating description will make the searchers click on that link. It is best to keep the description within 160 characters.

5. Website Speed

Google cares about your website speed. Pages that load faster often earn a better ranking therefore page loading time is extremely important. Longer loading times negatively affect the conversions; the bouncing rate may be higher but the average time send on the page may be very low. Always run a free website speed test from all several devices and browsers to ensure the loading time is good enough to go.

6. Responsive Web Design

The websites design quality should be high and polished to make it appealing to the readers. Most importantly it should match authentically with your brand. Page should also be browser and device responsive so that the page fits elegantly with all screen sizes in every devices and accessible in all browsers. Web page must also make important content element noticeable.
Using these On-Page techniques will give you a better position in SERP. But also remember to do Off-page SEO which is very much important in a SEO process.